Data Logger is a portable smart device which used to measure temperature and/or Humidity within particular time duration. It can be used to capture temperature inside premises as well as outside. When it comes to inside temperature capturing we can use it in Warehouses, vehicles, cold stores, shopping malls, food courts etc.

We can use a data logger to capture ambient temperature and/or humidity. In case if you want to check the continuous pattern of temperature fluctuations in the environment you can easily use the data logger. Since the data can be easily downloaded and analysed this system is very user friendly.

Most of the pharmaceutical products and the food items are temperature sensitive products. That means even a small temperature range changes in the surface will affect the product condition and may be it will turn out to be poisoned product. So when it comes to temperature sensitive items it is necessary to identify the temperature changing patterns and conditions. Specially during goods are transporting from one place to another place there might be door openings, vehicle engine off situations and goods loadings, unloading situations. So while using a data logger inside the vehicle you can easily check whether the temperature range going out of the range or whether it is with the particular range.

There are different types of data loggers as single use and multi use depending on the requirement of the customer.

The single use data logger is easy to use as well as cheap from the price and the multi use data logger is little high from the price compared with single user and you can use it multiple times depending on the battery life and the capacity of it.

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