We use Temperature data loggers to measure the temperature inside the study area. These data loggers will be keep in different places inside the study area. As a rule, we place data loggers in every 10 cubic meters inside a warehouse and in every 5 cubic meters inside a cold room.

According to the type, size of the asset we collect data from data loggers for days or weeks. In a cold room, temperature data will be collected for 4-6 days. In a warehouse, data will he collected for 7-14 days. Using the data collected, we conduct the Temperature mapping study.

Then we do different tests like opening a door, loading or unloading goods to the space , turning the power off inside the same study area and collect the data about temperature differences in above tests. We conduct the Temperature valuation using the data.

Prior to the test we provide a complete protocol to you and acknowledge the process before stating the test and once the customer proves the process through the protocol acceptance we commence the tests. And once the data is analyzed and evaluated we provide a complete report to customer including the hot and cold places in the storage and we issue a certificate mentioning the validity of the storage area.