Temperature in a warehouse should be maintained in the ambient condition as 15°C-25°C range. Warehouses are used to store various products such as Pharmaceuticals, Food items, blood cells, plants, seeds, etc. Inside a warehouse there might be many door openings for loading and unloading goods. So in such incidents the outside temperature might come inside the warehouse and change the précised temperature range inside. So from that there is a probability for the goods to damage. So we use the thermal validation study to identify the temperature hot and cold areas and prevent goods from getting damage.

Fumi Services helps you to analyze the different temperature levels for your Warehouse with hot and cold points. And you can install temperature monitoring systems inside the Warehouse according to these hot and cold points.

Inside warehouse we measure the level of humidity also since if you need to control the temperature then the level of humidity also should be controlled. As per WHO standards the précised humidity level a warehouse should maintain is 40% to 65% RH so if it doesn’t maintain the particular range we recommend the solutions.

How We Conduct Thermal Mapping Study In A Warehouse

  • First we install temperature and humidity data loggers based on the floor layout and the elements of the space.
  • Then we take the data of the whole process during 7 to 14 days’ time

Then based on the data finding we provide analyzed results as a hardcopy as well as a softcopy if needed along with the verification certificate. It includes a diagram which shows hot and cold areas of the warehouse in order to install the temperature sensors.

Fumi Services provides you warehouse validation service for a competitive price! Any Enquiries kindly contact our KSA service provider