Any company use different types of vehicles for transporting goods, but the most important factor is ensuring safety of goods while transporting. Because specially temperature sensitive goods will get damaged easily. And also while transporting vehicle might face different conditions like door openings, cooling unit off and on, goods loading and unloading. So during each of the condition vehicle must maintain particular temperature range inside otherwise whole set of goods will be a waste. So to ensure the safety of goods under different processing conditions Fumi Services provides qualification and validation study service in Africa for vehicles.

Fumi Services conducts qualification study in different types of vehicles such as small vans, medium size vans, reefer trucks and etc. There are two different temperature ranges any vehicle maintain as Chiller range (2°C-8°C) and Ambient range (15°C-25°C). This range will depend on the type of the goods which they transport.

Fumi Service Follows Below Steps While Conducting Vehicle Temperature Qualification Service.

  • We issue a protocol for customer in prior to acknowledge process of the study. when customer accepted the procedure then we fix a date and start the qualification study service.
  • We fix temperature capturing loggers based on the dimensions of the vehicle.
  • And keep it until 3 to 4 days’ time as Per WHO standards.
  • Conduct different types of tests under different vehicle conditions
  • When the tests finish we collect the data, analysis it and generate a full report on findings. The qualification report includes the areas of the vehicle with highest and lowest temperature.

All the mapping and qualification study process of the vehicle will be conducting based on WHO standards and Food and Drugs Authority highly recommend the needs of this study to ensure GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and GDP (Good Distribution Practices) regulations.

Fumi Services provides customer friendly vehicle qualification study for Ghana and Africans at large for a competitive price. If you wish to get our service contact our engineer now!