For storing pharmaceutical products, food items or other temperature sensitive goods freezer refrigerator is a necessary storage item. It has different temperature ranges for freezer refrigerator as starting from -40°C. Most commonly for walk-in freezers will be in the range of -18°C to -22°C. Sometimes it is a difficult task to maintain the specific temperature range while in an on-going business operation. Since in some situations near the door areas temperature level will be high because of the frequent door openings and also near the AC unit, the corners of the room will be very cool sometimes. So it is a difficult task to ensure the consistent temperature distribution throughout the area. In that situation there will be a need of temperature mapping and qualification study for freezer refrigerator.


Fumi Services conduct mapping and qualification study for freezer and refrigerator in any business condition. According to the standards we monitor the temperature range for a minimum of 24 hours from our calibrated data loggers. And analyze the data and find the temperature recovery time durations, hot and cold areas, and certify that the asset is in good condition to store the temperature sensitive goods. In case if it doesn’t meet the requirements then our specialized engineers suggest solutions for your issues.