Cold rooms are designed to maintain a temperature range of 2°C to 8°C and mainly temperature sensitive goods are stored inside these rooms. In most cases Pharmaceuticals, labs and food manufacturing companies are using these types of cold rooms to keep safe the perishable items. Even from a small temperature or humidity change there might be a probability for the goods to get destroy easily.

So to examine the existing temperature and humidity range inside the cold room you can use our temperature and humidity validation service. During operations there might be many door openings and some power breakages. So in that situation we should know how long the cold room can maintain the précised temperature and humidity level. So through a temperature humidity qualification or temperature humidity validation service you can find out the answers. And also through the study we provide you hot and cold places inside the cold room so depend on that you can install the monitoring devises to check the ranges.

If you want to control the temperature range inside the cold room you must know the level of humidity also. So along with the qualification study we map the range of humidity also. The précis humidity range a cold room must maintain is 40 – 64 Rh. And if it’s not maintaining the particular range we recommend solutions for that.

Fumi Services is an authorized solution provider for Temperature Mapping study in Ghana. We give a quality and customer friendly service for a competitive price range. According to Ghana Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) any pharmaceutical company must conduct a mapping and qualification study service to ensure the safety of the goods.

We Conduct Qualification And Validation Study Under The Below Process.

  • First we acknowledge client about the process of the study through a protocol.
  • Once customer accepted protocol we fix the electronic devises in study area and capture the temperature ranges during a particular time period.
  • The number of loggers, the time duration of capturing data and the tests which perform under each loaded and empty condition will be based on the WHO standards.

Based on the findings we analyses the condition of the cold room and provide a full report on that including the sensor locations. If you wish to conduct temperature humidity validation study for a competitive price kindly contact or Engineer.

Eximia-Temperature-Mapping-and-Qualification-Study-23 Temperature Mapping study in a cold room